About me


Hi, I’m Mareike


I am from Paderborn but I have a 

Home away from home:

I love to travel the world.

I am left-handed

Is it true that left-handed people tend to think more creative rather than logical. Well, it definitely is for me.

Water is my element

Wherever I find a body of water that is suitable for a dip, I go for it, no matter the temperature. I’m usually in before you realize it’s water or have time to stop me.


I love nature and everything within. Oceans, mountains, wildlife, it doesn’t really matter. Just take me outside. I’d always prefer a good camping road trip over any hotel vacation


is my most loved hobby. It’s something that my dad left me and everytime I loook through a camera I think I see a little bit of the world how he would have seen it.

90 minutes

I am a huge football fan. I support my hometown team SC Paderborn and Werder Bremen.