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7 tourist magnets that you can just as well visit

Lately I have been reading a couple of articles suggesting you might want to skip some of the biggest tourist attraction on your travels, Stonehenge, Times Square or London among them. I have been to a couple of those, enjoyed almost all of them, would never suggest to you to not go and wrote down […]

Paying with Alcohol in Scandinavia – Some thoughts

Travelling to Scandinavia a lot I think I have mastered quite a few arts when it comes to navigating through Northern Europe. From knowing my favourite supermarkets to finding the perfect campsite, experience has taught me a lot about my favourite place on earth. However, after countless trips to the north there is still one […]

Travelling with mom

First, the bad news! Just to to be clear on one thing: My mom and me argue when travelling. And we argue hard. Seriously, all hell breaks loose if we do not agree where to park the car on a camping site. We slam car doors over a couple of centimetres on a grassy patch. […]