Music for north cape

Some find it too touristy, some say, the weather up there is always bad and foggy, some told us, there was more beautiful places than the north cape.

When me and my mom took off for the north cape in summer 2016, the north cape was only one of many places on our five weeks long Scandinavian road trip. I think for all those in love with Scandinavia the north cape needs to be on the bucket list at some point.

Probably all somewhat true. We went anyway. And we do not regret it.


Anyone taking the land route to the north cape will start their adventure when passing the tunnel that connects the island of Magerøya with the mainland (I know there is endless discussions if this even makes the north cape the real north cape). From here a small but well constructed road winds through the wonderful and rugged landscape with colourful fishing villages, little bays und countless reindeer roaming the island. Magerøya comes with a reindeer guarantee like no other place.


  • In summer north cape opening hours are 11am – 1am
  • The entrance fee is 260NOK (approx. 26€) per person (as from summer 2016)
  • The ticket is valid for 24 hours in which you can enter and exit the north cape as many times as you wish
  • Travellers visiting the north cape nonmotorized (on foot, by bike, etc.) will be granted free entrance
  • With the ticket you will have access to the north cape hall, the panorama movie, an exhibition, the chapel and the cave
  • You will find a souvenir shop, cafés and restaurants, a post office and restrooms in the north cape hall

The north cape

Yes, the north cape is touristy and after driving more than 4000 kilometres through Norway, seeing mighty glaciers, overwhelming fjords and magic waterfalls the north cape is a… rock.
A special rock. It somewhow feels so satisfying to be here. We have all the time in the world, take a walk, enjoy the view. We visit the cave and enjoy the truly beautiful panorama movie in the theater. With what feels like a wind force 10 raging outside we settle by the huge panorama windows and enjoy a “Midnattsol” beer. No sign of the fog. The midnight sun is at its best and bathes the north cape in a golden light. Wondeful.

Midnight Sun

Midnight sun music

And then there is the piano. The piano? Yes, the piano.
Right in front of the panorama windows a grand piano invites everyone to play.
And this night we’re lucky. It is past midnight, the north cape hall is quiet and peaceful while an incredibly gifted man plays the piano like it was the last night on earth to do so. I’m close to crying, sitting under the midnight sun, listening to Irish blessings or the Beatles. And when he finally plays “By gracious powers” it is like sitting in an own little world of peace and happiness.


Thanks to whoever thought about putting a public piano into the north cape hall and thanks to that wonderful man who brought the music into this wonderful nigh

Midnight Sun
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