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7 tourist magnets that you can just as well visit

Lately I have been reading a couple of articles suggesting you might want to skip some of the biggest tourist attraction on your travels, Stonehenge, Times Square or London among them. I have been to a couple of those, enjoyed almost all of them, would never suggest to you to not go and wrote down […]

Astrid Lindgren Places – welcome back to your childhood

Just coming back from a visit I paid to Pippi Longstocking on Gotland, I thought it would be fun to to write a blog about places where you get to visit, see and live all those dreams that Astrid Lindgren still puts in our heads through her books. If you love Astrid Lindgren here are […]

Paying with Alcohol in Scandinavia – Some thoughts

Travelling to Scandinavia a lot I think I have mastered quite a few arts when it comes to navigating through Northern Europe. From knowing my favourite supermarkets to finding the perfect campsite, experience has taught me a lot about my favourite place on earth. However, after countless trips to the north there is still one […]